Emakina’s Arnaud Grobet: only truly integrated digital agencies will survive

Swiss leading communication website and e-periodical Cominmag interviewed Emakina.CH partner Arnaud Grobet for their Live talk series.
Technology fascinated Arnaud Grobet even when he was a small boy. From first projects to his first agency, from Label to Emakina Group: every project helps to transform companies, keeping them relevant in their market and connected with their users. In the interview with Editor in Chief Victoria Marchand, we see how Arnaud and his colleagues evolved from playing a role as a local player to being a valuable international force in innovation and digital business.

Senior Strategic Planner Carl De Gussem Joins Emakina

We warmly welcome Senior Strategic Planner Carl De Gussem to the Emakina family! Carl joins his former creative director partner of Kitchen Agency, Véronique Hermans, as part of Emakina’s Communication team. Carl already knows Emakina well, having developed several campaigns for the team, for corporate accounts and for the European Commission. Carl De Gussem is […]

We are not living a crisis but a digital transformation full of opportunities

Brice le Blévennec, CEO of Emakina says our economy is not in a crisis… it is in the middle of a digital mutation phase. What are the challenges of this transition period? How can this be a source of opportunity for companies and agencies?   Shaking the foundations of our economy Just as the invention […]

Marketing and Communications for Intelligent Crowds

– By Alexis Mons, VP Strategy at Emakina.FR –   In praise of tension: marketing and communication for smart mobs All bloggers ask themselves whether they could become authors one day, and make the switch from columns to books. I confess that this has been on the horizon for me for a long time, but […]

Brice Le Blévennec to comment on Apple World Wide Developers Conference

Want to know what the Cupertino gang are cooking? Then don’t miss the rendezvous with RTL’s web-magazine, “Les Teknophiles” June 11th at 19h00! With the Apple WWDC 2012 approaching, developers and fans across the world get in a frenzy. Apple will showcase the new version of its Operating Systems, iOS 6 and OS X Mountain […]

How retail brands should adapt to changing consumer behavior

Everyone knows it: the Corona virus is changing the shape of the world. Not only private lives are affected by the health crisis and stern government measures, businesses are also deeply impacted. Customer behavior is changing, most likely beyond the short term, something that will fundamentally change how we all do business in the future. […]

The 3 Commandments of Banking Communications

In the last years, the Financial  World – Swiss Private Banking in particular – has had to face tremendous changes. Simultaneously, the rules of communication have been profoundly shaken up, leaving the actors of the industry with a tough challenge. Inaction and secrecy are no longer appropriate.   It is as clear as day that the banking world is battling a […]

Emakina’s Le Blévennec: ‘Innovate and never give up, try again’

References Emakina’s Brice Le Blévennec was interviewed in the leading HR-magazine ‘References’, in a series on top-CEO’s in various sectors. His comments on the communication business give some remarkable insights into Brice’s thoughts and very readable copy.     Job profiles with one foot in the future Emakina is living with one foot in the […]

Le classement Stratégies 2010 au révélateur

Stratégies a publié la semaine dernière son très attendu classement des 500 agences et médias. Nous y figurons en bonne place (33e et première agence indépendante de marketing interactif), mais ce classement me semble le révélateur d’enjeux fondamentaux pour notre secteur.

Les assistants virtuels : un défi d’expérience et d’influence pour les marques.

Si vous prenez le métro, vous n’avez pas pu rater les 4×3 vantant les mérites de Google Home. Après Amazon en 2014 avec Echo, Google propose aussi son “enceinte intelligente”. Quant à Apple, son HomePod sera disponible courant 2018. Les 3 appareils ont plus ou moins les mêmes fonctionnalités mais s’inscrivent chacun dans une stratégie […]

LinkedIn and Emakina link up for HR event

LinkedIn and Emakina.CH, its Preferred Partner for Western Switzerland, held a common event on 27 May in Geneva. Some 80 HR and Communication directors from SME’s and multinationals joined in to link in real life around the possibilities of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn-Emakina event in Geneva was the place to be for HR-experts Arnaud Grobet, Director […]

Emakina et l’agence Stambouliote Piramit signent un partenariat

Emakina Group et l’agence turque Piramit, située à Istanbul sont heureux d’annoncer leur partenariat. Sur son territoire, Piramit se classe parmi le top 5 des agences de publicité indépendantes et dans le top 20 des agences créatives.     Une puissance de communication de haute qualité en Turquie   Désormais, les clients d’Emakina auront accès […]

La nouvelle génération d’humoristes : point de départ d’une analyse sociologique de la créativité en agence de publicité

A première vue, le lien entre la créativité des publicitaires et la nouvelle génération d’humoristes n’est pas forcément évidente. Mais si vous lisez ce billet jusqu’à la dernière ligne, vous vous rendrez certainement compte, qu’en plus d’être évident, ce lien cache une vérité criante. Car derrière cette nouvelle scène de e-comiques lancée par Norman fait […]

Internet mobile à l’horizon 2014

Une étude de Capgemini publiée en juillet 2010 pour le SRI (syndicat des régies internet) montre la forte croissance du mobile qui sera le premier point d’accés à internet en 2014 en France. Cela rejoint l’étude de Gartner début 2010, dans laquelle il annonce que dès 2013, le nombre de smartphones et de mobiles connectables […]

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