How e-Commerce Empowers Your B2B Business

These last few years, the future of B2B has been greatly influenced by the rise of e-commerce: the proliferation of B2B e-commerce platforms, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, has been spectacular. Based on a recent study published by McKinsey & Co, digital interactions are now twice as important to B2B customers as they were before the pandemic. Here’s how your business can make the best of it.

Marktplätze erobern B2B

Werfen Sie mit uns einen Blick in die Zukunft des B2B E-Commerce. Die jüngsten Erfolge der B2B-Marktplätze rufen dazu auf, jetzt zu handeln, erklärt Emakinas B2B-Experte Kees de Koning. B2B-Unternehmen brauchen eine digitale 360°-Sicht auf ihre gesamte Organisation. Das ist prinzipiell nichts Neues. Dazu kommt aber, dass sich Technologien aktuell schneller entwickeln als Unternehmen mithalten können. […]

Dinner Date: B2B in e-commerce

Go on a dinner date with Heineken – The BLADE and get the insights on their digital transformation story. Meet, talk and learn during the Dinner Date on e-commerce in B2B.

E-commerce et expérience client B2B : l’urgence d’accélérer

Mais pourquoi donc lorsqu’il s’agit de commander auprès d’un fournisseur, l’expérience client se retrouve t-elle ramenée à l’âge de pierre avec un catalogue pdf (tout juste si les prix sont inclus) et un numéro de fax pour passer commande ? Que s’est t-il donc passé ou pas passé pour en être quasiment toujours au même point […]

4 Key Questions to Ask When Selecting Your B2B e-Commerce Platform

Choosing the right B2B commerce platform for your businesses is a critical step of your digital journey. Ultimately, the solution you follow enables achieving objectives and fully implementing your business strategies. Here are the 4 key pointers to take into account: 1. What is my strategy and primary goal? Strategy comes first. Particularly in a […]

Should B2B care about Black Friday?

Trends in B2C often make it into the B2B environment. So far, Black Friday has not really been one of them. But are times changing? B2B dynamics differ quite a bit from B2C dynamics, but expectations that we have in B2C environments do meander into the B2B world. When offerings, services and deals from B2C […]

B2B Commerce Is Not a Technological Challenge

We asked one of our B2B experts questions about the digital transformation in B2B. Kees works as practice lead B2B commerce and has joined the Emakina Team in 2018. He is currently responsible for our client Royal Friesland Campina. Why do you want to talk about B2B commerce? As often remarked, there are a lot […]

Electrabel’s website more inviting than ever before

In exercise to align the Electrabel’s corporate website to the company’s new B2C and B2B standards, Emakina was hired for building a new upgraded version. The main purpose of the new site was to present general information about Electrabel to well-defined target groups. Such information includes the company’s Corporate Sustainable Development approach, career perspectives, nuclear […]