Mediaplanet Highlights Cofely Intranet by Emakina

Denis Jouniaux, Sales Manager at Emakina proudly introduces his recent project for Cofely, in the article on Media Planet Info Entreprendre. We’ve all been there… You’re sweating over a task at work, and when you’re almost done, you learn (probably at the coffee machine) that your colleague has a sweet little tool that would have […]

Digital Transformation:
Do or Die

Vandaag delen we ons Digital Transformation Manifesto met de wereld. Hierin beschrijven we twintig stappen die nu essentieel zijn om organisaties klaar te maken voor de toekomst. Digitale transformatie is onvermijdelijk. Het Digital Transformation Manifesto helpt organisaties dit te realiseren. Om mee te blijven doen moeten organisaties zichzelf steeds opnieuw uitvinden. Jezelf aanpassen is dus […]

Emakina thanks the Brussels-Capital Region for its support of our research on mobile technologies

In order to better serve our current and future clients, Emakina is committed to a never-ending learning process through Research and Development (R&D). Such a research project was recently executed in cooperation and with the generous support of Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation. Based within the region of the Belgian capital, Emakina […]

A week-end to Show Off!

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which will start tomorrow. It will bring together people with different skillsets – from software developers and graphics designers to business-minded aspiring entrepreneurs – to pitch ideas, form teams, and attempt to transform a mere idea into the beginnings of a viable startup business over the course […]

Emakina Academy’s keynotes just arrived!

If you didn’t get the chance to be with us at our last Emakina Academy on Facebook Marketing, you will find all the keynote presentations here. Facts, figures and sexy ideas.

Why EXPERIENCE should be the key focus for business

For three days at this year’s Lift Conference, Brian Solis and Emakina shared their common vision on the most important focus for business today: the EXPERIENCE. Emakina has been a main partner of the Lift Conference for many years. Not only does Emakina share Lift’s vision and insight into what the future will bring, it also shares its […]

The hidden art of wireframing

Do you like your house? Is it comfortable? Does it look nice? Do you think it will collapse? Wait… what? Why would you worry about your house collapsing? If an architect built it, you shouldn’t. He (hopefully) calculated the weight of the roof, the width of the windows and the way your doors should swing […]

Emakina campaign for smart touches green hearts

smart goes green Automobile manufacturer, smart, has launched a new environmental campaign, focused at the company’s environmental responsibility. The campaign, created and executed by the digital agency, Emakina, presents the CO2 compensation of the smart cars in an original and lively manner. 168 trees = 1 smart The city car brand has recently launched a […]

EuroIA talk: on why we should NOT focus on user experience

EuroIA is the premier European event on Information Architecture: three days of workshops, presentations, panels, and networking opportunities for information architects from across Europe and around the world. This year, one of Emakina/Architects‘ specialists, Koen Claes, was invited to come share his insights on user experience, and presented a case on why we should NOT […]

Facebook wins Places in the geo-localised marketing race

Facebook has officially announced the launch of its localisation service, called Places. The launch was more than just the launch of a simple feature: it is also a way to move the geo-localised social functionalities out of its early adopter status and moving them into the mass market segment. Facebook has been smart and has […]

Can drunk user testing save your website?

Time is a valuable resource nowadays: we want everything and we want it now yesterday! This, of course, is also true on the Internet. You could create the most exquisite design and write the most exciting copy imaginable for your website in vain: if your visitors do not find immediately the information they are looking […]

Emakina’s FIRST app for Windows 8 wins FIRST prize at Belgium’s FIRST Superhackathon!!!

Microsoft’s new operating system for mobile devices, Windows 8, was launched just a few months ago. But that’s exactly the kind of new challenges which stimulate our developerse! That’s why a team of Emakina’s mobile experts participated in Microsoft’s Superhackathon competition. The Superhackathon brought hundreds of young and bright developers who worked simultaneously in four different […]

Emakina strategist Amélie Sainthuile to present at Brussel’s annual “Media Night”

Like every year, Belgium’s school of social communication (IHECS) organises an event dedicated to presenting its students’ projects, and bringing together communication experts. This year, organisers invited Amélie Sainthuile, Digital Planner & Social Media Strategist at Emakina/ Strategy and Emakina/ Social. She will talk about public relations with new media.     The event, titled “Nuit […]

Drama 2.0: towards a new interactive narration form

“Once upon a time…” For centuries on end, storytelling hasn’t changed by one comma. The rules of the game were unchanging and intangible: one needed unity of time, space and action. Today, under the pressure of digital media, these fundamental principles of storytelling are being shattered.

Shopkick gives multichannel experience a kick!

It was hard to miss the launch of Shopkick (New York Times, Techcrunch or KNTV Press Here). This mobile application, now available on iPhone and soon on Android, allows you to gather points, called kickbucks, for each action you do (enter a store, scan a product) and to receive promotions in the store. At first, […]

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